Sunday 3 June 2018

#338 'Peonies' 12x12" & Open Studio Video

Painted with haste and gusto! The background a blue black to set of the light pink flowers peonies which are so fun to paint, quite addictive! (There will be more :-) I think they are a good subject because of the globe shape so you get great light and dark on them. I made use of the thick and thin qualities of oil paint, especially in the green foliage and the table.

Yesterday was our first day of The Surrey Open Studio always with trepidation I open the doors to the public not knowing who will come and what they will think, say or even buy.
But it went well we had some nice people visit, chatted, offered my homemade shortbread and sold 4 originals and some cards so a good start!

Here are a couple of pics and a short video as a taster of what's here.


  1. Love the play of light on the flowers and the glass of the vase. I shall learn from this picture, Sharon and I are doing flowers next. We shall come and see you on Friday 8th for your oen studios and bring a friend from life classes called Teresa, she is a professional gardener.

    1. Hi Pat, I hope you and Sharon manage the flower paintings! How did it go? Great to see you at the Open Studios :-) Clare

  2. Well done for posting the video. The studio looks great. You have captured the fulsomness of a peony. Lovely 😊