Tuesday, 11 December 2018

#424 'Early Winter Light, Camber Docks, Portsmouth' 30x40cm

First layer of burnt sienna and the all over thin layer of colour/tonal shapes was done on location and the next day I did a fat layer of lush paint! So fun to do. 
The big blue/black boat difficult shape as it was strong blocky, so I used thick and thin paint and a greener reflection.
I suggested the silhouetted shapes of the buildings not too much detail.
Made sure the yellow struts of the fishing boat stood out against the darker background.
The water in the foreground gradually got darker. Little pinkie flecks of colour from the sky I put in before the green blue water and blended the edges a little.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

#423 'First Light, Langstone Harbour' 30x40cm

A wintery day, and lucky to have a break in the weather as it didn't look hopeful when I arrived - solid cloud and raining! I'm pleased I didn't drive home, waited in the car and some beautiful light and cloud formations appeared, just my sort of subject!

Decided to include the cars on Hayling Island bridge to help the composition and I used quite thin paint in place to let the linen coloured canvas show through.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

#422 'Christmas Lights, Irving St, London' 30x30cm

On Saturday I took part in The Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) Paint Live day. 60 artists met up in the Mall Galleries to have a paint off in London - 1/2 mile radius of the galleries in central London. 
It was raining and grey but I decided to embrace this! I took 2 umbrellas incase it was gusty and one broke one!
Not easy as it was a Saturday and run up to Christmas shopping, so busy could barely see my subject! Loved the reflections and lights, it makes up for the grey day! 
It was my first time taking part and I found it quite nerve wracking as the paintings were judged at the end of that day in the Mall Galleries. I am pleased I did a painting I'm happy with and didn't mind showing to others!
I will do it again next year :-)

Monday, 3 December 2018

#421 'Summer Hay Bales' 30x40cm

Painted from a sketch I made in July, spotted from the car as we drove into Patchings Art Centre, near Nottingham. Hay bales, tree lined and shadows/light what a fab combo! I didn't have my painting gear with me so thought I get the warmth of summer back in the studio after all this rain!

I can recommend Patchings Art Festival if your a keep painter in the UK, with loads of art equipment to buy, and demos and workshops....