Wednesday 27 February 2019

#449 'View from Battersea Bridge' 30x40cm

I have painted this bridge many times - easy to get hooked onto such a great subject! Plus it helps to really get familiar with something painting it over and over like Monet did. Recent paintings: Morning, midday, golden hour, twilight, and this one at 2pm. Also changing the view point.

Glowy light and intense afternoon colours! I stood at the top of the steps going down onto the embankment. It was a horrid spot as I was on a cross roads with the traffic right next to me. But worth it as I liked the shapes of the lights against the water. 

Painted with the sun on my back and therefore the painting was in full sunlight. Back home in the studio the painting was quite a few degrees darker than I wanted it because I was mislead with the sunlight on it. Tip: paint in the shade as sunlight is misleading! And the shade is more like the environment you will see it in a home.
I had to do a whole layer over the top of the one I painted outside to lighten it.

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