Wednesday 12 October 2016

#132 'Charmouth Beach, Dorset' 6x15.5"

Charmouth is just a couple of miles from Lyme Regis, the cliff in the middle distance is called Golden Cap and is the highest point on the South Coast, it's completely flat on the top.
I watched an inspiring plein air painting DVD by Richard Pikesley and he was painting on this very same spot! 
Love this sort of coastline and could paint here every day. Just the changing weathers, light and tides :-)
P.s. My painting is photographed on the easel because a narrow panoramic format doesn't work so well on the blog - it's too small.


  1. The light and colours so different earlier in the day (see #131).
    This is a classic seascape, beautifully painted :-)

  2. I love the seascape and the fluffy clouds in the sky. Because of a lurgy and an infestation of workmen I haven't been able to comment on your paintings in the last few days, the house is in chaos, but was very impressed with your London painting.

    1. Hi Pat, thank you for your comments, I have missed your input! Hope you're feeling better from the lurgy & workmen! Clare