Sunday 30 October 2016

#138 'Lake Windermere' 8x10"

We are back now from our vist to the Lakes & Staithes. Really enjoable trip painting such amazing places and so it was a very productive 8 days! Lots to post on here... It was difficult to post while I was away as we were out for long days in the Lakes making the most of it!

Sometimes paintings are a real struggle and whatever you do they just don't work. I was working on a panoramic format of hills and lake, it was the composition I was fighting with. So I turned around and was dazzled by this contra jour scene, loved the drama and simplicity of it.


  1. Wonderfully atmospheric....great composition and the water is moving!

  2. Great darks, not at all flat, lots going on in those shaded areas so they aren't dull or heavy. If you could bear it it'd be interesting to see the other painting you were working on facing the other way which you didn't find went very well.

    1. Hi Caroline, I'm sorry I cant show you as I scrubbed the painting off there and then. But I can share what wasn't working with it... Being a panoramic the composiiton had to many horizontal bands, plus my main feature were two boats were too small scale and the hills behind were small too, it lacked a punch. Plus 20 mins into painting it the scene changed dramatically it had been calm with reflections and strong light. Then the clouds and wind came the reflections went and the water changed colour! It wasn't so pleasing and therefore a struggle from the beginning. I hope this helps to hear. Clare P.s Thank you re my darks in this painting :-)

  3. Love the look of the water in this and the way light infuses the painting with a lovely calm atmosphere. Gentle ripples going to shore with the high peaks in the distance. Great composition.