Tuesday 1 November 2016

#139 'Mist on Lake Windermere' 6x15.5"

A beautiful and still morning on Lake Windermere. It was frosty, zero degrees and very cold hands and feet, but I didn't really notice until I finished as I really enjoyed painting this scene of soft light and pastel colours. 
Initially I was waiting for the mist to clear to paint what was behind it and then I decided to embrace it! 
The yacht was moving 360 degrees about every 20 minutes so I caught it at this point thinking it was a less obvious view than to side on. The boats on the left were tourist pleasure cruises, and they were warming up ready to leave so it felt a little pressured not knowing when they would go! 
I included the jetty to help with composition as the diagonal line of it leads you into the painting and breaks up the horizontal bands - same with the mast of the boat.
This is when a panoramic format works well and I'm really happy with the final painting :-)
I would love to hear your comments on what you think of it....


  1. The same lake but oh my what a different feeling (to #138).
    Because it is a panoramic view one needs to CLICK ON the painting to enlarge and hence enjoy the delicate subtly of colour and form.

  2. I agree, I was about to say that the subtle changes in the water alone are wonderful, so delicate and right. As always it's very interesting hearing why you made the choices you did as they aren't necessarily things I'd think of. Most comes with experience, I guess, and you've added a lot to yours this year, haven't you?! Amazing to see how far you've come in such a short space of time. Love the delicate, pearly light. I can't work out how you achieve it without using loads of white and therefore making it chalky.

  3. I really like the panoramic format, it suits the painting so well. There is a feeling of space and distance and I like the way the boat is not side on.

  4. I love this one Clare, the long thin format works really well and the colours in the sky are wonderful, it all looks very peaceful and calm. The composition works really well too!