Tuesday 29 November 2016

#147 Sunrise, Langstone Harbour 9.5x12"

Loved painting this! The sweeping shape of the mud flats and gorgeous light. I haven't painting the sun en plein air before. I had to be quick as it's dangerous to look straight at it, so once it peeked over the trees I tried to capture the glow, difficult with the intense colour and light tone. Also restraining how much yellow-orange I put in the rest of the painting to help the composition and give it more impact.
The mud I emphasised the red-violet colour and not the green seaweed. Putting in the big shapes first and the small details last like the mast and boats and birds. The sticky-up shape in the foreground I put in roughly to begin with and then went back to put in detail but when I looked up it was gone, the water comes in so quickly!

I painted this yesterday morning but photographing in the afternoon the result is so poor I had to wait to post it today, I'm missing the long summer days and more time to paint.


  1. Back in your marine element, it shows that you enjoyed painting this. I really like this picture. I know the area a bit and have always felt overwhelmed trying to paint mud but you have succeeded brilliantly. A lovely scene lit by the sun.

  2. gorgeous work. Very well done in the freezing temperatures. Getting up at 5am
    simply does pay off!

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