Sunday 27 November 2016

#146 The Barn, Woolfords Farm 9.5x12"

This is not a subject I would usually tackle. But I really enjoyed it. 
I have, with 8 other people started a group called The Surrey Hills Plein Air Painters and this farm was our first outing :-) I usually paint alone so it was really nice to paint with others. and I wouldn't have chosen to paint here but actually was really good.

When I first looked around the farm it was hard to find a subject to paint as it was so different to what I'm used to, it took a while to adjust to it. Luckily the weather was bright and sunny which produced strong lights and darks. 
I loved the cows in the barn and may go back another day to do a closer version I didnt feel confident enough to do it on Friday. They were moving about and eating their hay. 

It is quite a tonal painting I started with the darks (Raw Umber, Ultramarine, Red Iron Oxide), and worked up into degrees of light making it warm and cool, transparent and opaque. 
I adjusted the composition by painting in the apex of the barn even though in life it was further along, it seamed to finish it better.
It wasn't long until the shadow crept up the barn ond over the top leaving it with no direct light. I have got used to putting the darkest darks in - it can be scary doing it as it feels too strong but now I need the opposite for the lightest lights! Roger Dellar who is a good artist and in our group commented I needed the lights of the hay even popier. So I adjusted them and wham it came alive!


  1. It must've been good to have a challenge and it sounds and looks like you rose to it, Clare.

  2. This looks great Clare, well done! You have really got the best of quite a dark, shaded subject and the bright hay on the ground really brings the painting to life. I love it!

  3. Wow, what an intricate and complex subject. You have really brought out the lights and darks and produced an interesting and successful painting.

  4. Wow! Really shows off your talent in a new way. Great!

  5. Thank you so much Caroline, Ebbybow, Helen, Pat, & Jack, such lovely comments, really chuffed you all like my painting :-)