Monday 16 January 2017

#155 'The First Snow, Bramshott Common' 12x12"

Having painting in the morning I went home for sustenance and to warm my hands then straight out again as the snow was melting fast! 
We are at a high point in the area so I walked over to this common. I was lucky to find a patch of snow which was north facing and protected at the bottom of a hill. I was drawn to the bend of the tree and shapes of shadows in the snow. A square format seamed to suit the  uprights of the trees. 
While I was mixing my paint a deer came running past on the path in the painting, I was such a lovely sight. No people were around and its very quiet with the snow damping any sound. 
I didn't have a plan how the stye of the painting would be, it just seamed to happen! It reminds me a bit like Tom Thomson, the Candian artist. 

Even though I was tired from the mornings painting I was so inspired and excited I painted 95% of it outside and loved it! More snow please :-)


  1. You told me about Tom Thomson last year, Clare, and I just bought a secondhand book of his works. Love his work. I loved the story of the deer. How magical. This is lovely.

  2. You have a great feel for capturing such scenes on canvas. Wonderful stuff and the deer appearance - you were blessed!

  3. There is something spookily magical about this scene. I like the play of light and shadows on the snow.