Tuesday 24 January 2017

#157 'The River Wey, Farncombe' 12x12"

A beautiful morning, with a hard frost. I was out with the Surrey Hills Plein Air Painters. A lot of us gathered around to paint this subject. I enjoyed painting with others, and seeing their results of the same subject.

I was attracted to the winding path, frosty white and shadow shapes of the trees.
Again bitterly cold, it comes up through your feet and slowly freezes you! 

I tried a square format as it's different to what I'd normally choose for this sort of scene.
Difficult perspective on the canal and boats. I spent some time blocking in and making sure I got it mapped out as acurately as I could.
The tones are tricky too especially on the frosty areas as its easy to go too dark.
The river was frozen solid and the reflections muted. I repainted them twice before happy!


  1. Love this, Clare, I think the tones work especially well in this one. I'm going to post you a present for your feet so keep a lookout for the postie :0)

    1. Oooooh! Thank you Caroline, I'll keep a look out :-)

  2. I really like the composition leading the eye into the painting. The warmer tones in the bars of sun contrast with the bitterly cold feeling of the scene. The icy solidity of the river with its moored line of barges beautifully painted.

  3. I like the square format - it works well. The reflection of the trees you can't see; the canal leading to the building, all adds up to a very interesting and pleasing painting.