Wednesday 3 May 2017

#173 'Morning Light, Southsea Promenade' 9x12"

I went back the next day to paint looking west into the morning sun. I featured the sky and old fashioned lamp post. The sun on the sea was bleached white just some warmth from the yellow.
The string of fairy lights were fun to paint, I used 4 brushes one for each colour and alternated, making sure the perspective of getting smaller and closer together worked. The people in the yellow shelter gives a focal point. 

This painting didn't come as easily as the one before. I drew it out in situ but was battling with gale force winds. I tied my easel to a lamp post but my arm was being buffeted so much and it was hard to do any line work. Then it clouded over and I lost my subject - the light! So I completed back in the studio today.

I like this area and I may go back and making some drawings to do a bigger works from this subject.


  1. An interesting pair of paintings (see 172 looking East). I like the fact that the subject emphasis is different in both and to note the 'white' sea.

  2. Love the windy clouds, impasto flying across the canvas contrasting with the beautiful delicacy of the lampposts firmly rooted on the promenade. Looking the other way from your earlier painting, I admire your perspective and your ability to capture the mood of a windy day.