Tuesday 16 May 2017

#176 'Low Tide Emsworth Harbour' 18x24cm

Back home I wanted to explore what I had learnt with Richard Pikelsey as soon as possible. 
So I set off early to paint in Emsworth harbour. With a very low tide I was able to stand out on the mud flats and use a little boat as my table :-) see below

I liked the bright green with the blue boat combo. The green was being lit by the sun and it was difficult to mix. Because if you just mix pure say Lemon Yellow and Cerulean Blue it's an intense colour but too dark in tone, add white and it lighter but the colour is then chalky and not so intense! I think you get a feel in my painting with what was there?
I have attached the beginnings below as I thought you may want to see the different way I started this one in practising what I learnt with Richard. Not drawing first and blocking in colours & tones and covering the board quickly....

The man walked across once I tried to paint him while he was walking. Mixing a colour then looking up and he's gone! So difficult but it has the essence of him! And I think helps the composition.


  1. I think you have managed admirably to capture the various colours of green algae!
    I like everything about this painting - especially how you have managed to light the ground, perfect shadows, wonderful sky (as usual), full of interest and great composition. The start of the boating season on a lively spring day.......it is all there!:-)

  2. I can see the looser brush strokes and there is a lot of movement in the painting especially in the sky and the figure of the man. Progression in painting is putting into practise new ideas and I can see that in the play of light on the scene and your execution. I think your mentor Richard would be proud of you.

    1. Thank you Pat! A lovely comment which I read out to my husband. You are right that is what I'm trying to do - with what I have learnt from Richard Pikesley and put it into practise, Clare :-)