Tuesday 30 October 2018

#410 'Rain Cloud, The South Downs' 9x12"

This is about a 25 minute drive form me and during the whole car journey is rained hard! I thought I'll have to sit int he car when I get there and wait.

But upon arrival this is what I saw! A huge beautiful cloud covering a lot of the view I wanted to paint. The cloud shape was quite stable and it didn't move off for at least 30 minutes so was able to study and paint it plus the rain falling in the distance.

The light on the water on the horizon line I emphasised with thicker paint and strong marks. I made sure the tonal values got stronger coming into the foreground.


  1. This is a difficult subject to paint. The perspective, the rainfall from the cloud which covers so much of the board yet is perfect.

    1. It was a tricky subject but skies are one of my favourite things to paint so I enjoyed it!