Tuesday 9 October 2018

Venice Summary!

Home from Venice and my studio line up, I can't fit them all in! 
I do feel pleased and proud with what I achieved in a month. 

I felt sad leaving such a wonderful & inspiring place. I am already planning a trip to go back next year! I enjoyed painting with the other artists and having my family to stay. 
What an amazing trip!!

I am planning a solo show in London next year 
with many of these Venice paintings and the title is:
'London, Venice, Coast & Country'
Watch this space!!

'Maria Della Salute'
My favourite subject while in Venice I must have painted it over 15 times! 
Here are 9 of them in chronological order bottom right to top left...

A short video of my studio and Venice paintings!

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  1. This body of work is glorious. You have worked so hard. I am full of admiration for your dedication.