Friday 18 January 2019

My First Solo Exhibition!!...Save the Date

New flyer
Just 4 months until my first solo exhibition in London. The time has come around quickly and I am started to feel excited and also think there is so much to do - reminds of planning a wedding!

I've finished designing these 'save the date' flyers and sent them to be printed. I hope you can 'save it' and possibly make the show- it would be great to see you :-)

I will also be getting some PV invites printed nearer the time, if you would like one email me

Took 22 paintings to be framed this week, not easy choosing so many frames at the same time, we have very good framers 'The Artistic Framing Co.' in Waterlooville Hampshire, with 40 years experienced helped! Plus my Mum has a good eye.

I hope to have 50-70 paintings in the show, I need to do more of Landscape and London, thankfully still time to do it!

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