Friday 5 February 2016

#27 'Two Boats, Emsworth' 6x8"

I met a friend in Emsworth, Hampshire today so I took the opportunity to paint this morning. Shame about the weather! Windy and drizzle. 
I tried standing with my pochard but my head was above the sea wall and got the brunt of weather so I tucked myself down and perched on a stone.  I should have checked the tide times as the sea went out quicker than I was painting it! I quickly put the sea in around the boat while it was still there. The flat light was difficult to pick out the tones. 
As the drizzle got harder my palette became soaking and the paint was congealing in the water! My board also got wet and was resisting my brush strokes. Not Easy!! But there were moments I really enjoyed like the two swans that flew straight over my head honking, and just being by the sea was great :-) Definitely go back there as there is lots of painting fodder.


  1. One can almost smell the mud flats and seaweed. What an amazing result from such difficult conditions!

  2. Brrrr! Chichester Harbour area one of my favourite haunts and a 'must' for your return Clare in the Spring and Summer for lot's of 'Daily Paintings'. I think you will find a great many opportunities there.

  3. I love your description of the day as much as the painting. In fact it enhances my appreciation of the painting. I can get a sense of the weather. Description...painting with words....perhaps that should accompany our paintings on the exhibition labels!!!