Friday 26 February 2016

#39 'Three Little Jugs' 6x6"

I found these jugs in a charity shop yesterday. A great find as they were all small and complemented each other in their blues and creams, I like the varied shapes as well. 
I kept the colour palette limited to give it harmony. I also painted a ground colour using mainly Burnt Sienna, you can see it showing through the brush strokes, the ground colour gives a unity to the whole. I'm sure I'll paint these little jugs again!

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  1. Loved the shape of these jugs and have taken particular note of your background treatment and the placing of the jugs. I need to visit some charity shops my jugs are all ugly. Great use of light and shade in this painting.

  2. The sweep of the background adds emphasis to the static nature of the subject.
    Clever composition with the third jug not quite in the picture.