Friday 12 February 2016

#32 'Large Mint Teapot' 7.5x9.5"

I elevated this teapot to see the squat rounded shape. It was fun to paint, broad painterly brush strokes and the gorgeous mint colour. 
I changed the board 3 times before I was happy with the preliminary drawing. It needed to fit the parameter well. It's on a canvas with a 'ground colour' already applied and dried - see pic below. I will use some more ground colours especially with light subject colours as they really show up well and it brings a unity to the whole as small parts of the ground colour show through.
I went for a strong dark tone of purple for the background, I wanted the lovely shape of the teapot to stand out.
Beginning stages of the painting...


  1. Gorgeous! From the preliminary picture, it is quite amazing how you achieve the sense of such a lovely, fat teapot; I suppose with the tonal range.... I also like the background of the canvas peeping thru in places. Good colour choice of background.

  2. Painting is lovely but I absolutely love the colours! I'd very much like that teapot to make me a nice cuppa :-)