Thursday 8 September 2016

#122 'Red Door, Haslemere' 8x8"

I have been saving this painting to post, as I did it during a painting day with Haslemere art society a few weeks ago. I've only just joined them, a friendly bunch, and I am in their annual exhibition starting Saturday at Haselmere Museum.

I made the mistake of liking this subject but initially painting too big an area of it. The first attempt had the whole door and some of the street, it didn't work, and I scrapped it and started again. This time really honing what it was I liked about the subject, and making a stronger composition. Pleased with this version now!


  1. So interesting and informative to think so carefully about what has drawn you to the subject. I'll bear that more in mind. Love the bright clear light in this.

  2. This picture sings, it has a vibrancy which makes a relatively ordinary subject extraordinary. It is a lesson to me in the use of light and shade and composition.

  3. The contrast from door/wall to the magnificent flowers is brilliant. For me the eye does not want to leave the stunning flowers, I'm even trying to name them!