Wednesday 14 September 2016

#123 'Sunrise, Bosham' 9.5x12"

I had planned the night before that I wanted to be in Bosham for sunrise I left at 5am but arrived and it was still dark, I held off setting up as I couldn't see the view! 
I put my easel right next to the water as it was the best view. I thought the tide was at its highest.  
As the sun rose it lit the clouds and they gave a magnficent show. You have to be so focussed and fast to capture such fleeting colours. I mapped out the building and treetop line and went for it. Beautiful pastel colours, really enjoyed painting it.
I knew I didn't want to put massive detail in the buildings so I tried painting them in a sweep blocking the colours together and then defining the shapes later with lighter tones and brighter colours, it seamed to have worked.
Being so focused I didn't notice the sea water was lapping around my shoes! To my horror all my painting gear was bobbing in the water!! I grabbed my brush holder and all my brushes fell into the water and were floating, thankfully I could grab them all but a little stressful when it was such a previously calm scene! 


  1. This made me laugh and go "oh no!!" all at the same time. Fascinating. Do you check the weather forecast the night before, Clare, or do you decide you're doing it no matter what? Wish I could get up so early. The pearly sky is wonderful.

    1. Hi Caroline, I do check the weather and plan the type of painting with matching the weather as I wouldn't have gone to Bosham if I knew it would raining or windy as it wouldn't have worked so well, I'd have chosen a different area and scene. I do plan a painting 'no matter what' but to fit it with that day - weather, season, time... :-)

  2. This is a lovely painting! There is something about the way you have painted the line of buildings that gives almost a 3D effect. Stunning :-)

  3. Wonderful Clare, this really captures the early morning atmosphere beautifully. Well done for getting up so early and for producing such a lovely painting.

  4. Love Bosham and the church with the witch's hat spire. You have captured this beautifully and I am in awe at your dedication in making such an early start, it does pay off and the scene has a wonderful early morning atmosphere.

  5. Lovely painting and a great reason for having wooden-handled brushes!

  6. I agree with your Hubby, thank goodness for wooden-handled brushes. It also shows the focus and how you become absorbed into the painting and not aware of your surroundings. I really love this painting, it is so calming. A bit like a Swan... What you can't see :-)