Wednesday 15 February 2017

#162 Langstone Mill 9x12"

When I arrived it was about 10am and being winter the light was warm and soft, no wind and perfectly still waters. 
The tide was going out and the reflection soon disappeared but I blocked in the main shapes before it did! 
I painted the sky in a very light and delicate way to contrast with the heavy buidlings. Although I worked on making the buildings not too fussy or heavy.

A good note to remember is light tones are darker and darks are lighter in reflections, which helps when you trying to decipher it all.

The composition is more unusual to the iconic Mill paintings - usually across the water and quite small in scale, having bigger buildings makes it harder to paint!

I found this quite a challenging piece but pleased with the outcome.

For those interested Langstone Mill was built in 1730 and is one of the rare water and wind mills in the UK. Pictured below is a drawing of it in 1869 and you can see a little of whats left now.


  1. I remember struggling with this scene during a painting holiday, I think this painting is brilliant. I love the composition and the colours, I would hang this on my wall any day.

  2. The background information added to my delight in seeing this painting. The drawing of 1869 also completes it.
    Jo thought the seaweed was particularly well defined and "springs out at you", she says. She is also amazed at the relatively short time it takes you to complete such a stunning piece of work.