Saturday 25 February 2017

#165 'The Gate, Devils Punch Bowl' 11x14"

I did a quick sketch (see below) when we had a dusting of snow a couple of weeks ago. I liked the limited colours and that you could see the Punch Bowl sweeping around in the distance - when the mist cleared a little!

I drew it out three times on two different sized boards. I wanted the composition to be similar to the drawing I had made - just off square and cutting the the tops of the trees.

The first stage of this painting was made with thined cool and warm darks see below. 

I quite liked it at this stage and the next day when I wanted to complete it, it was scary painting over it as I didn't want to loose the quality I had. I also reassured myself when putting the white snow in which was so contrasted in tone and colour but I knew I needed to be bold!
I kept some of the thined painting but modulated the edges of the path with opaque lighter tones. The sky I put a yellow tinge which there wasn't much of on the day but seams to work well with overcast snow days.

Really pleased with how this one came out :-)


  1. You create an interesting and vibrant picture out of a relatively ordinary scene. Looking at the different stages you went through I can see that you keep the vigor of your mark making through to the brush strokes yet there is a serenity in the snow scene and lovely sense of landscape though the different tones and colours.

  2. Sarah mentioned that she had liked this painting that she had seen on Instagram....another winner :-)