Wednesday 1 March 2017

Update Post - Away & Exhibitions

I am away for a week or so skiing for my birthday :-) very excited as I used to be a ski instructor in my 20's and love being in the mountains.
I am not taking my painting gear, a hard descion as I'm sure there will be lots of inspiration in the Alps, but will take my sketching materials and hope to paint from drawings on our return.

I also wanted to tell you about 2 exhibitions this month....

Haslemere Museum Exhibition

I have worked for the past 8 months and produced over 50 plein air paintings to show in our forthcoming exhibition.

I am excited to show this new work, the subjects are mainly of seascapes and boats (my passion) with some local landscapes as well.

All are welcome to come and see us. I will be moving into the museum with my art gear and painting most days, email to check if I will be there.

It's our first joint exhibition and we have cards, prints and my framed originals.

I have attached the flyer below which we had made for the show, to give you a bit more information.

Hope to see you there!

Magpie Exhibition 

I am also taking part in a joint 'pop up' exhibition in the Sands Village near Farnham, Surrey.

16 - 19th March

I'll have around 15 pieces in this exhibition shown in a wonderful setting.

If you're interested email me for an invitation.

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