Thursday 16 March 2017

#166 'Frensham Great Pond' 12x12"

I have been itching to do some painting especially outside. It was a beautiful day yesterday and so lovely to be by the water and painting again, I even had to take my coat off it was warm!

Initially I was disappointed with the view, but when I looked into the sun - Contra Jour it came alive- the water with big ripples and reflections, the reed head light against the darker trees, and the light sparkling on the water, yay! Enjoyed painting it. 
It's a similar view to painting no.164 Sunset Frensham Pond but with a different emphasis.

With 3 main colours red-violet, a dusty blue and a mustard yellow, all mixed together to make nuances of the colours.
It was a peaceful area appart from the Moore Hens and Cootes in the reeds and then honking right next to me and making me jump! Great to be out.


  1. Gorgeous work Clare. You obviously was very glad to be out doing what you love to do - and it shows!

  2. The light is wonderful, contrasting the feathery rushes with the sparkling ripples on the water and the dark background, just beautiful.