Monday 3 April 2017

Haslemere Museum Exhibition & no. 167 Langstone Study

We had our Private View last Thursday. It went well, had a good turn out, lovely feedback and some sales! You can see some daily still life paintings and my plen air land and seascape. I hung 44 and had 10 left over, I didn't want to crowd the wall. Everyone said it worked well in that room and together with Nick on the opposite side. 

I am manning the show every day (till March 12th), so it's a great opportunity to paint while I'm there. I have missed painting as I've been so busy getting this show ready (framing 55 paintings!) It's also nice that I can greet people when they come and have a chat :-)

I painted this scene outside a couple of weeks ago and didn't like the result, but from it I painted this a small 8x8" a study of tone and contra jour (sun shining towards you.) Painting the sky a slightly darker tone than the dazzle on the water, which is true to what was there but also really shows up the water sparkle.
The boats on the left were a tricky because they were mainly in shadow, just a shape no light or dark. Happier with this painting.

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  1. An amazing body of work Clare! You have worked so very hard and I hope you get rewarded :-) I saw it for the first time on Thursday, your special evening but I will come again on Saturday, simply must have another look. A 'double vision' because Nick's work is equally of such quality and I need to see his again also.
    Another excellent painting of Langstone but quite a different approach from the previous ones.