Wednesday 12 April 2017

#170 'La Plagne, The Alps' 9x12"

This was taken from a drawing I made while in the French Alps. (see below)
It really helpd to have drawn it as the tones are quite close together and having studied it in person helped with the painting. (didn't make it easy though!)
The light source was very subtle, being sunset and the light just catching the tops of the mountains. The roofs of the chalets were a lighter tone even without direct light on them.
This was a real study of tonal observation. Fun to paint though and so different from a green landscape!
Last of my snowy paintings till next season... onto spring.


  1. I have enjoyed seeing your snowscapes. They have been lovely and this last one of a truly mountain/snow scene is wonderfully observed.

  2. I think this is the purple cloud we were discussing at your exhibition and you have softened it which works well with the diffuse light on your landscape. A lovely snowy painting.