Thursday 6 April 2017

#168 'Morning Shadows, Devils Punch Bowl' 8x10"

I made a sketch of this scene back in February when it was snowing, see pic below.

I liked the feathery tree with the dark behind and the wonderful blues. I worked on using thicker paint to create a more shimmery light.

I enjoyed painting it so much I have done another snow scene of the same area and will post it tomorrow. 

I am doing these paintings while we get visitors to our ongoing exhibition at the Haslemere Museum, it's going well! :-)


  1. Astonishing that you can paint while visitors mill around or talk to you and the result is another lovely iconic snow scene of the Devil's Punch Bowl.

    1. Thank you ebbybow, it think painting outside has helped my concentration as there are so many distractions out there, so painting in the museum was enjoyable!

  2. Great to see the finished picture, nice and loose and with your lovely sky reflecting on the land and contrasting with the shadows.