Friday 17 February 2017

#163 Dawn, Langstone Harbour 9x12"

Before the sun showed itself and the warm glow of light. This is the 6th painting of the Langstone area and as I get to know it I see more subtleties and details which I try to include in my painting.
Difficult to manage all the dark tonal areas but I worked from the darkest grading back to the lightest adding paint at each grade. The main two colours are Red-Violet & Yellow-Green tertiary complementaries, which work well together. 
The boat in the foreground, I had to really hold back with the tone, as I wanted to paint it lighter, (as its a white boat) but there is no light source on it and facing away from the light direction. So it was very dark just a suggestion of a boat and I quite like that you don't see it immediately.
I want to paint a bigger one of this area but it feels quite a leap after small boards...I have an 18x24" in my studio I'll let you know how I get on!


  1. Another lovely painting of Langstone Harbour....Strange that you don't immediately see the boat in the foreground but then becomes quite distinctive.

  2. I think it is good to try different paintings in the same area. I met an artist who did a 365 day painting of the same area for a year and each one was different. Another take on daily painting! You have caught the light at the beginning of the day and the atmosphere of the scene, almost holding its breath before the day begins.