Sunday 11 June 2017

#185 'Storm Over West Wittering' 21x30cm

Very testing conditions! It was last week when the wind and rain was battering the country I went to the coast thinking it would be dramatic down there. It was :-) 
I tucked up against a groin but it really made no difference. The wind was so strong I could hardly control my arm movements. You go to make a brush mark on the board and the pochard rattles and I make a big splodge instead of a brush stroke!
Anyway I enjoyed trying to capture this fleeting rain storm. I thought it was going to get me but it went around the horizon and into my painting so I painted quickly and with energy to replicate what was happening in front of me.
Although I was pleased with the energy of mark making I did out on location I have since been re working some of the painting and I'm now happy with the final piece.

I tried to do two paintings one after the other. I ran back to the car to place the wet board inside came back and the pochard had crashed into the groin, thankfully no damage done.

I took a short video of my painting and the view with commentary but it's so windy you just hear the howl! It is on Instagram if you wanted to see it. My page is:


  1. A very difficult subject in equally difficult conditions but I think your have captured the intensity of the elements perfectly.

  2. Love the sense of movement, I feel battered by the wind just looking at it. Saw the start of this at your open studios and I really enjoy looking at this picture.