Wednesday 5 July 2017

#200 'View from the Old Dairy' 18x24cm

Yesterday I was on a great workshop with artist Richard Pikesley, there were 9 of us on it and we focused on tonal key and greens! 

Having had a day with Richard 6 weeks ago it was really helpful to check in and see if I'm on the right track. He said I am painting like a martian!! Which is a compliment not labeling the subject just seeing them as shapes, colours tones...

This is the 3rd painting I did in the day, the first two were ok, but happiest with this one.

200th painting since I've been recording them from January 2016. Here's to the next 200!

I have just started a new facebook page if your more into FB then blogging...


  1. Well done, that's a great achievement! I'm impatiently waiting for the arrival of my RP dvd and I'm really keen to see what he says and how he works. I can see your progress and it's so inspiring.

    1. Thank you Caroline, I hope the DVD lives up to expectations! And you get something from it for your work. Clare