Thursday 6 July 2017

#201 'Evening Light, The Trundle' 9x12"

I painted this last night, a hot hazy evening, with beautiful light.
I had forgotten how wonderful this view is. It is a huge expanse, looking left is Chichester and right is Portsmouth and in the distance the Isle of Wight (all Hampshire.)

I didnt have long before the light fell behind the bank of hillside, you can see it touching the tops of the trees. The distance and sky got better as the evening went on turning a gorgeous apricot colour. I painted this in 90 mins quick for me, sunset is easier than sunrise as you do have a bit longer with the light changes. (but it still changes fast!)
I want to get there earlier to paint the long evening shadows...

See my instagram for the painting stages and a short video:

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  1. This painting carries on from Number 200. Really a wonderful landscape study.