Monday 17 July 2017

#205 'Yacht Harbour' 24x30cm

Not any easy subject! A mass of masts and mud! I was told it helps to paint the uprights - masts before you put the sky in. See pic below. I liked the light masts agaisnt the dark tree foliage and the hulls of the boats shining in the sun. 
I quickly put the father and little girl plus the lady looking down. The lady was there less than a minute, you never know how long they will stay for! 
Making the masts smaller and closer together gives the impression of space receding. One observation on masts.... They are generally lighter against the land background and when against the sky they are darker in tone. 

Back from The Patchings Art Festival, it was exciting to see my painting and it's awards :-) Also got to meet Ken Howard - a painting legend and watch David Curtis do a great seascape demo, all very inspiring! 


  1. I am particularly impressed with the trees! :)
    From your description you have made close observation of the masts and indeed have achieved an excellent result. Overall a very pleasing painting.

  2. Lovely chosen view through a gap to the boats - leads the eye beautifully. An enchanting painting.

  3. Lucky you meeting Ken Howard. Glad you enjoyed Patchings, you should be proud! Very interested in your comments about masts in 'Yacht Harbour' you have painted a successful and beautiful picture with a tricky subject matter.