Friday 1 September 2017

#222 'La Vila, Spain' 18x24cm

I was experimenting in my studio with techniques. Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) used this process by putting down swathes of colour and drawing with a brush over the top. He used black. I mixed a black with Ultramarine Blue and Red Dioxide - which lends itself to the iron works on the balconies.
The whole town was like this  (previous painting of #217 blue house in Villa Joyosa) This street looked like it was painted to harmonise together!
I started by painting the light blocks of colours in the middle, no drawing out, estimating where things should go. Mixing a tonal range of each colour, especially the green, yellow and pinky orange. 
I have put 9 progression stages of this painting on Instgram - my name is: clarebowenartist. Have a look :-)


  1. Interesting experiment, quite different from your usual style, I like the blocks of colour contrasting with the spiky dark of the balconies and the feeling of a quintessential mediterranean street scene. Raoul Dufy eat your heart out!

  2. Oh I like this :-)
    Pat is so correct about the feeling and I love the pastely colours and dark bits.
    Another path - can't go wrong!

  3. Oh, Clare, this is F.A.B.! How refreshing. I had no idea that's how Raoul Dufy worked but it makes complete sense. Itching to have a go now. You must be getting really good at tones now. I can see especially on the road. It has the feeling of having liberated you somehow, it's more free and 'slapdash' in the best way.