Thursday 14 September 2017

#227 'Low Tide Bosham Harbour' 24x30cm

This is one that I didn't think was any good at the time but came out alright! Sometimes its the other way around, thinking its an ok painting and then looking at it again the next day and being disappointed!
It was just after sunrise, a beautiful sky and a slither of sea. 
I tinted the mud and distant green in the violet sky cloud mix which gives a harmonious feel to the colours. Careful not to overpaint or fuss the boats but leave them 'imperfect' looking. This helps make them sit in the panting and be connected with the surroundings.
Bosham has so many painting possibilities...

Off to Somerset tomorrow for a painting weekend :-)

1 comment:

  1. I cannot explain why I like this painting more than the previous 'blue' one. I do think it is quite clever that you have managed to paint 'mud' so interestingly! Of course your skies as always tell a story.