Thursday 21 September 2017

#231 'Somerset Levels' 9x12"

Somerset levels are quite flat and low level so the skies are amazing, dramatic and endless. Could paint them all day! 
A group of us liked this subject because when we arrived the light was behind the trees - contra jour and the cattle were standing with a halo of light on their backs. It looked so English.
Here we are lined up!
From the left: Maria Rose, Tom Stevenson, Julia Hawkins, Me, Ian Cryer-ROI president.

Within minutes of starting, the weather changed and a bank of clouds came over and obstructed the light, so frustrating! I painted the bits that I could while waiting fo rth esun to come back. It did but not for long, so it's a manily overcast paitning, but still with an English feel!

The cows were not easy because the were so small scale in my painting, paint a blob of dark and if you try and put too much detail it looks contrived but too little and a black blob!

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  1. Lovely dramatic stuff and the cows add life perfectly.