Thursday 2 November 2017

#253 'Morning Light Albert Bridge' 8x10"

On Monday I went to London to see the Chelsea Open Exhibition which I was very pleased to have two paintings showing in it. One of them was Albert Bridge so I was inspired to have another go at it. 
I have noticed the light is changing now the sun is lower in the sky and it was a gorgeous morning.

I started a couple of times and wiped off, I liked the reflection of the bridge posts and moved the composition up to get them in. 
With this faffing I then started without drawing as I wanted to capture the light as it was so I just got the colour down. 
See the stages below. So much harder to work out all the shapes and proportions as you go but it seams to work well as a method - one that Richard Pikesley artist, has suggested to me in the past.
I also experimented with getting the wall and lamp post in on the left side, but being a relatively small board the two strong uprights (the bridge & post) competed with each other and didn't work so I took the lamp post out.

Painting the bridge without drawing first

The two paintings which got into the prestigious Chelsea Exhibition last weekend.


  1. Well done Clare, I love the wonderful opalescent light in your paintings.

  2. Great reflections and composition. The looseness of the brushwork reminds me of some of the stuff you did in Venice. Lovely!