Sunday 5 November 2017

#254 'Fishing Boat, Emsworth Harbour' 8x10"

A quick painting of a still morning. Passers by were commenting on what a lovely morning to be painting, yes, so lucky I said. 
Not easy though, as this scene shanged within 30 minutes of starting it. I posted the photo (see below) on Instagram to show how different it looked - the wind had picked up so no reflections and the the boat had turned 180 degrees, oh my!
Kept the colour palette limited as it was contra jour the colours are mire subdued and silhutted. I ratio of tonal values: most of it is light eg the sea and sky being the same and a small area of very dark tonal value which makes the composition interesting.
Little highlights of almost white dotted around for the sun sparkles.


  1. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading about your process and how you tackle subjects and deal with the many challenges with plein air painting, Clare. I often zoom in on your photos on screen and wanted to ask you, would you say that you carefully consider pretty much every brushstroke? I try to but then I forget and I realise later that I've done a whole section of field the same colour/the same way. What about when you're tired - that's when I lose patitence, I think, and slap it on! When really I'm guessing that's when I should pack up and leave!

    1. Hi Caroline, Lovely to get your comment thank you.
      To answer a very good question which made me think while I was painting...
      I do put thought and consideration into a lot of the painting as I do it. Some of it happens without conscious though and the experience of previous paintings come through. But a lot of the time and I am making decisions on the spot about every aspect ...

      Brush stroke length & direction
      Brush variety e.g. filbert, short flat
      Tonal values
      Painintgs seam to work better with variety with changing the colour or tone in one area or the direciton of brush stroke, so I try to remember to do this!
      Also when I do put a stroke down to do it with purpose and confidence - even if I don't feel it! As the confidence will come through in your painting (as does uncertainty.)
      Lastly I try to have good quality energy to paint as it does require a lot from you, if Im really tired the results are generally not as good.
      Hope this helps and answers your question :-) Clare

  2. It does indeed, thank you very much, Clare x