Tuesday 21 November 2017

#261 'Sky & Sea Study, Dorset' 8x10"

It was a grey day but the sun came out for 30 minutes or so and I grabbed it! 
When a subject is changing so quickly I paint it in the order it's going change the most. 

1. Clouds - the shape & colour 
2. Light on the water the lightest part and the area surrounding it
3. The sun & area around it
4. Horizon line of the sky how it compares to the sea - how the yellow in the sky compares to the sunlight on the water.
5. Sea - the darker waves int eh foreground
6. Block in the rest of the sea and sky

Painting like this is fast and focused not stopping in one area long observing and getting it down as a moment in time.


  1. This sky and sea study executed “fast and furiously” explains the wonder of ‘en plein air paintings’. Beautifully captured......

  2. Amazing picture, fast, assured brush strokes, you really went for it and it works.

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