Friday 6 July 2018

#351 'Sunflowers' 12x12"

A busy week, hard to keep on top of all the artists jobs to do, including this one!

I am lucky that my Mum supplies me with great flowers to paint, like these :-)

I decided to paint outside again as the natural sunlight works well on a still life especially flowers. I started early so there was only a little patch of sun on the lawn and had to move the flowers at least 5 times chasing the sun around the garden! But it worked out nicely.

I didn't paint the colours of the table or the shape as I wanted it soft and undefined - making the flowers as focus.
I used thick paint towards the end as the subject seams to lend itself to oils and juicy brush strokes.
Click on this close up to see the mark making.


  1. Lovely, sunny, loose painting, I am observing this one closely and will attempt something similar with 40 lashes!

    1. Thank you and look forward to hearing about your Sunflower painting!