Saturday 21 July 2018

#354 'Sunset Bosham Harbour 11x14"

I faffed for an hour starting another one, putting two much building and foreground in. Then I realised it was the sky I liked so started again and focused on the sky...
I had only a little time then before the sun went below the cloud line, very fast mixing and painting!
Quite a big board so used a big brush and thicker paint in the area I liked and thinner up above.
I stopped when it had changed too much and started another but a drawing preparation for a painting.
The Sky turned a gorgeous pink!


  1. That's useful, Clare, the bit about painting in different thicknesses.

    1. Thank you Caroline, I'm glad its helps. I do use thickness of paint to emphasis an area or take your eye away from it. Clare

  2. I really like this, a touch of Turner about it. I note the different use of thick and thin paint, as Caroline wrote above, that is useful information.

  3. More Monet than Turner perhaps :-) having recently visited the Monet exhibition at the National gallery.