Sunday 12 August 2018

#361 'Crackington Haven' 11x14"

A large imposing cliff the locals call Sleeping Dragon. A great paintable subject...with low tide and the water on the sand reflecting the cliff and sky. People to give scale and interest plus the colourful life guard flags. The sky I'd taken time to put in the sweepy clouds and then some fluffy dark clouds came over the top so I took a risk and painted fluffies over the top, I'm pleased with how it turned out.
It was quite a big board but works well with the huge cliff.
I was lucky as I was just finishing up and then the rain fell...
Rain clouds approaching!


  1. The shoreline of the navy sea and towering cliff, wonderful Cornish elements beautifully painted.

  2. I too have painted at Crackington Haven on a painting holiday so this brought back memories. Lovely vivid painting with a lot of movement in the sky and water. Particularly like the reflections in the water on the sand.