Sunday 26 August 2018

#365 'The Swan Inn, Haslemere' 8x10"

This weekend I painted with Haslemere Art Society on the high street on Haslemere. It's to promote the annual exhibition at the Museum 8-15th September. 
A fun morning with the members and a few passers by taking an interest and a subject I wouldn't have usually tackled! Enjoyed it though.

I also tired recording it on my sports action camera - I wore it on my chest with a harness - see pic above.
I recorded the whole duration of the painting and then it took me longer to make it into a video than to do the painting! 
I didn't realise how much I move when I paint back and forth, I couldn't watch the end result it made me feel sick! So I'm trying another method... as I thought it would be good to show my painting process, once I have made it work I will post it on here.

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