Monday 20 August 2018

#364 `Underway' 8x10" - Palette Knife Painting

This was a wonderful boat in Cornwall but sadly I didn't have my painting gear with me - we were about to see my Aunt. So I did 4-5 sketches of it and this painting is from one of them. 
I'd been saving this linen covered board for years, wanting to use it but unsure of how to tackle such a rough surface, I knew it needed a different approach to a smooth board. I thought this subject would lend itself to it. I decided to try loading thick paint onto it with a palette knife. I blocked most of it only taking 30 minutes. 
Would have been quicker but I was getting through my mixed paint so quickly - I must have used at least 3 times more than I normally painting with! 

This is the first stage, with colour swatches on the sails.

I then used the brush to refine some areas but I wanted to keep the feel of it loose and fresh. The subject worked with not putting in too much information.
I think this boats called a 'Cornish Lugger'?


  1. Great fun using a palette knife and a great way for people like myself to loosen up. Lovely use of tones and knife strokes, I enjoyed looking at this painting.

  2. I think I would like a bit more finesse of the subject. I like the thicker application though; on here it looks almost as appliqué.