Saturday 2 April 2016

#55 'Camber Docks, Fishing Boat' 6x8"

I really enjoyed painting this little fishing boat, it's in Portsmouth where I used live. Being a sunny day there were many people milling about I was on a walk through so lots of people stopped to chat. Behind me were houses, a couple were out in their garden and offered me a cup of tea while I was painting, so kind of them!
I broke the boat down into shapes (as though I was painting a jug!) and simplified where I could. The reflections weren't strong but enough for me to work with. 
I will go back and do more at Camber Docks, it was lovely to paint in the sun too and not so bittery cold!

The picture below shows my painting near completion - it took two and half hours. I used my new 'Open Box M' Pochade from America for the first time. It worked like a treat. I put a piece of acrylic plastic in the mixing palette which is easier to mix on and clean off. Plus my Husband made be the very nifty paint brush rest you can see on the right. So chuffed.

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  1. This is now in my Top 3 Favourites. Lovely memories of fishing boats in Portugal which looked similar to this one. The reflection in the water is brilliant, really can see what it is..(If you cover the boat)