Monday 25 April 2016

'The River Wey, Guildford' Pen & Ink

My car was having a MOT so I had an hour to spare, not enough time to paint but I liked this narrow boat scene so I drew it in pen and ink. The pens is supposed to be water soluble but the ink didn't move very much when I painted it over it with water. 

Interesting view of the navy blue narrow boat and behind it were two barns, the larger one was called 'Dapdune Warf' a busy boating area and good for a riverside stroll.


  1. it is good to use your spare time constructively, well done nice sketch :-)

  2. I really do like pen and ink. Maybe it's the detail? Really, really love this one. Lovely subjects captured superbly. What a wonderful way to wait for the MOT.