Monday 18 April 2016

#63 'Devils Punch Bowl, Sunrise' 7.5x9"

I was up early at 5am to catch the sunrise over the Punch bowl. The sun is to the right out of the view but it lights up the sky in a rainbow of colours. I also like the misty land it looked very atmospheric. 
I used a bigger than usual board today to try and capture the space, also a finer weave texture, so the finish is smoother.
I knew I had to work quickly as the light wouldn't be like this for long. I started with the yellow stripe of the sky and worked down to get the important parts in first. 
I used Manganese Blue for the sky it works well because its translucent and great for getting a light feel.
The sunrise last about half an hour and then changed radically as the sun came up over the 'bowl'. See pic below with the sun shining.


  1. Clare is as talented with painting something so ethereal as this sunrise which is so, if one makes the effort to get up that early!

  2. Wow, how can you paint mist?! This is what I miss about the UK, a spring morning, fresh crisp air. This painting captures it all.