Monday 23 May 2016

#78 'Wisteria' 8x8"

Oil painting of Wisteria flowers in purple and pinks

I experimented with this painting. I used a different board called: Ampersand, it has a super smooth surface, unlike the medium textured board I usually use, which means the paint goes on easily but sometimes slips off and doesnt even make a mark! You have to get the thickness of paint right. I also used a medium called Sansodor, I usually use the oils neat but wanted to try a looser more impressionist feel. 
I painted in the beginning with squinted eyes, to take away the detail and just paint the shapes, it helped. It was hard to get the balance of impressionist and fluid but still convey the shapes of the flowers. I'm pleased with the outcome and will try more in this way. 
This wisteria is outside the front of our house, it great to finally paint it!


  1. My favourite style of painting is the impressionist style which you have achieved
    so well with this little painting. Lovely violet colours and with just enough green and stems to give each flower cascade definition.

  2. The colours in this painting are excellent and are a very good definition of a wisteria, which must be one of the most difficult flowers to paint.

    1. Thank you acker, for your comment about the colours and definition of the Wisteria, it was tricky to paint! Clare

  3. best painting of wisteria I have ever see....and I am an expert at this plant. Grew up with in in our yard and would sit and study the shapes and colors when I was a little girl!