Wednesday 11 May 2016

#72 'Teetering' 6x6"

It was a late finish for this painting today as I went to the framers to start framing some of my work ready for the Surrey Open Studios starting June 4th (not long!)

I am pleased with how this one turned out, I wanted to try painting glass and I saw the yellow and red tomatoes in the supermarket and thought they'd fit nicely in the glass dish. 

I worked on getting the richness of the colours but making them dark enough in the shadows areas. I hardly used any white for the tomatoes, which keeps the vibrancy.
The glass was interesting, deciding what colour it is and how it distorts the shapes and colours when looking through it. 

I am going on a Plein Air Painting Workshop this weekend by the sea, which I'm very excited for, not done one before. It's with an artist I admire Haidee-Jo Summers, lets hope the weather holds and it's an inspiring weekend.
I'm not sure if I will be posting while away but I will try.


  1. Lovely colours capturing the essence and fun of the coloured tomatoes.

  2. "I love it! " was my instant reaction. Such a bubbly, joyful painting as these toms tumble out of the container.