Friday 27 May 2016

#80 'Clematis' 6x6"

Large pink and purple flower head open, sunlight from behind and green surrounding

A sunny morning, I was going to find somewhere away from the house to paint but as I was going through the back door this flower stopped me. Beautifully sunlight from behind, I wanted to capture the vibrant yet delicate petals. 
One thing I've learnt with flowers is when you go darker in tonal value the colour become stronger, more intense. Instead of the tones becoming more subdued in colour. 
Getting the sunlight look helped with putting the light pink around the edges of the petals. It also made it stand out more against the background.
The background was an experiment. One of my students said this week so you've got to be brave when painting, yes! Sometimes you put a tone or colour on and it scares you :-) being so bright or dark. That happened today with the dark blue but it works and I'm happy!


  1. A very striking painting. I love the strong colours of both the flower and background. The soft edges of the petals, variable colours used in the background all go to make a great painting.

  2. Clare, I love the light and freshness in this. It's so interesting reading about your processes. I looked back through your work and it's exciting seeing your progress and development in such a short space of time. I can see the jump as well from the Haidee Jo Summers weekend. Congratulations on a fantastic blog; what a great record of your daily painting experience!