Saturday 28 May 2016

Preparing for The Surrey Open Studio 2016

My Husband Nick and I did the Surrey Open Studios for the first time last year. I opened my studio in the garden and his man-shed converts into a photographic studio gallery.  (see pic below)

We are doing it again this year and it starts a week today! June 4th at 11am.
I had forgotten how much input it takes to make it work wellI'm just having the framing done and getting my new work made into greeting cards.

I'm excited to show my new work in person to people and not just on the internet. I had 35 paintings last year which was a culmination of 3 years work, I was proud of that amount and the work. This year I just completed my 80th painting! I can't believe I have painted that many in only 5 months. They are of course smaller than my old ones but still pleasing.
I am framing some of them to give an idea of how they will look framed. My husband has built shelves in my studio so the paintings work well propped up and displayed - see pic.

This year we are open for 8 days out of the 16. I already have butterflies for it. I can't wait to have people come and look and chat to them. I like the fact you get to talk to so many lovely people about painting! 

I will be carrying on with my 'almost daily painting' while it's on. I'm not sure how much work I'll get done but it's good to keep it going for me and so I can show how how I do it :-)

All the paintings I have done this year will be on sale ranging from £35 - £120. If you have liked a painting you've seen but can't make it here, contact me and we can make a sale through paypal.

I know a lot of you don't live close enough to come and visit us over this time, but if you do you would be very welcome. If not I will be posting updates on how it's going.
Below is an invite we made for it....

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  1. I think we'll be away but would've loved to have come. It's looking wonderful. No wonder you're excited! Wishing you a great week after all your hard work.